Sunday, April 25, 2010


My first Frankie in over a decade! On my first evening in Bombay, my nephew Rahul, brother-in-law Anand and I walked down to Breach Candy for the wrap made with flaky Indian bread dipped in egg, quickly cooked, then stuffed with a spicy mutton, chicken or vegetable filling and topped with chopped onions and a delicious chili vinegar sauce.

View from a cafe in Arab Street in Singapore. I stopped there after a busy afternoon for a cool moment and a cup of coffee. The low, two storey, mixed use buildings in the neighborhood are called shophouses. Local merchants sold their wares there. Today there are massage parlors and all kinds of restaurants in the quaint buildings that is a must on a tourist's must-sees in S'pore. Fabrics, baskets and trinkets are for sale too.

Dinner on a banana leaf -- the traditional South Indian and Sri Lankan plate -- at the restaurant of the same name, Apolo Banana Leaf in Singapore's Little India. Rice, fish head curry, delicious jumbo prawns and an assortment of vegetable dishes made for a satisfying meal!

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